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James Rudoni is a photographic artist that is working with refugees to document their plight

Sheltered Souls 

Work in progress:



In my visual exploration, I am compelled by the plight of immigrant families confined to UK hotels for prolonged periods. Through intimate dialogues and candid observations, I aim to unveil the resilience and resourcefulness inherent in these individuals as they navigate the adversities of their circumstances.

I am particularly drawn to the sanctuaries discovered in the simplicity of everyday life—a respite from uncertainty found in moments of comfort. Whether it's the uninterrupted sleep away from conflict's alarms or the freedom to cook familiar meals without scarcity's constraints, these modest acts of normalcy become sanctuaries in themselves.

Recognising the diverse interpretations of sanctuary, I am committed to honouring the voices and experiences of migrant communities. Through direct engagement, I seek to document not only their reality but also celebrate their strength, resilience, and unique definitions of sanctuary amidst adversity.

As an artist, I believe in the transformative power of storytelling to evoke empathy and connection. Through architectural landscapes and intimate portraits, I invite viewers into a world where sanctuary transcends physical spaces, becoming a sanctuary of the soul.

Looking forward, I aspire to incorporate audio elements into my visual narratives, enriching the sensory dimensions of sanctuary. From the bustling ambience of migrant hotels to the tranquil whispers of nature, these soundscapes will deepen the emotional resonance of each image, inviting viewers to truly immerse themselves in the sanctuaries captured.

Project development: 

Immigrant Mental Health and Well-being: Explore the mental health challenges faced by immigrants, particularly those living in temporary accommodations like hotels. Potential artistic response - Create visual narratives that depict the psychological impacts of displacement and resilience-building strategies.

Cultural Identity and Adaptation: Work with sociologists or anthropologists to investigate how immigrant families maintain and negotiate their cultural identities while adapting to life in the UK. Potential artistic response - Capture the rituals, traditions, and everyday practices that serve as anchors of identity in unfamiliar surroundings.

Legal and Policy Implications of Immigration: Partner with scholars in law or political science to analyse the legal frameworks and policy interventions affecting immigrant families' access to housing, social services, and legal rights. Potential artistic response - Use photography to illustrate the lived experiences of navigating bureaucratic processes and advocate for policy reforms.

Narratives of Displacement and Resettlement: Collaborate with historians or literature scholars to delve into the historical narratives of displacement and resettlement within immigrant communities. Potential artistic response - Through photography, explore how past experiences of migration shape contemporary notions of sanctuary, resilience, and belonging.

To the editor

If you are interested in this project, would like to use the images or would like to discuss any other projects please contact James Rudoni - 

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