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Distinction, Distinction, Distinction

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I have been a student at the British Academy of Photography since 2022 undertaking a part time Post Grad Course in photography. When I started my photography practice in 2021 I had no idea how much I didn't know. There was plenty that I had picked up through my years of trial and error as a self taught freelance photographer and I also attended some great short courses. But I felt I would benefit from more formal training and I was ready to take take my skills to the next level and dive deeper into the history and understanding of a professional photographic practice. Plus having formal accreditation would help establish me as a pro photographer.

I have now completed their series of fantastic classroom lectures held in London and it is just remains for me to complete the 8 course units (usually made up of two assignments per unit) that are a combination of theory, research and practical assignments. This is all done via the Academy website, but there is always tutors on hand to offer advice and guidance where needed.

At the start of this year I was determined to get them completed as quickly as possible and hoped to crack them off by the middle of the year. This was perhaps an unrealistic target alongside building my photography business - however, I did make good progress and last week I received the results of my last three assignment submissions.

I was delighted to see that I had received Distinctions in all three. The first was an assignment on Cultural movements in Photography. This was a really interesting assignment and had some challenging studio photography elements to create.

These included the recreation of the famously abstract André Kertész (click to see the original) Fork photograph. And a product shot of a bottle of Vodka. Some of my images are below.

black and white photography inspired by fork by André Kertész. Fork resting on bowl edge
James Rudoni, Fork (copy of Andé Kertész)

Photograph product shot of Absolute Vodka bottle on wooden table, backlit with soft lighting
James Rudoni, Absolute Vodka Product Shot

The following two assignments were on Photography in the Studio. This is an area of photography that requires a really good understanding of lighting - a skill that was greatly improved through the classroom lectures and practical sessions - followed up with plenty of practice in my own time.

For part of this assignment I chose to created a product and marketing image for the Mazola brand of corn oil.

Flat lay image of cooking oil brand Mazola surrounded by food and ingredients such as corn, garlic, onion, bread, mushrooms and chilli
James Rudoni, Mazola Oil Marketing Image

Product Photograph of Mazola cooking oil on a white infinity backdrop
James Rudoni, Mazola Corn Oil Product Shot

Both shots required a really food understanding of studio lighting and also needed a little work in post production.

With these assignments now completed I am now onto Unit 6 and 7 and will share with you some of my work as and when it is completed and the results are in.

If you have considered undertaking more formal photography training and would like to know more from someone that has tried different private tuition with professional photographers, week long courses with the London School of Photography and now the Post Grad qualification course with the British Academy of Photography - then drop me a line.

As always thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions you would like to try to help with.

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